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Farm Heroes Saga 2.0.20

Farm Heroes Saga 2.0.20 Free Download

free download

Old MacDonald’s Farm has changed so much


The game developer King can’t be complimented for creating very innovative, nor risky games that go beyond the simple slot puzzle gameplay. In their philosophical path, you'll find Farm Heroes Saga, which is basically a re-skinned Candy Crush Saga with less sugar but a nutricious taste. Available to download on smartphones, this time instead of having to collect and match sweets you will have to do the same with vegetables, in this case called cropsies. Brilliant, isn’t it?

With simple touch moves, you can match the different elements on the screen, placing it on the adjacent slot. Once you match three or more, these cropsies will disappear in a naturist explosion of leaves in case of a big combination. As you can see, its way to play is really similar to other puzzle games available for smartphones, just adding some novelties with its additional objects to use for aiding the players during the most difficult stages.

The way to play is really similar to other puzzle games available for smartphones, just adding some novelties

Mainly designed for being played on mobile devices, the visual style of Farm Heroes Saga is very simple in order to optimize its performance. This way there should be no problem in playing this puzzle title on old smartphones, since the aim at King is to reach the highest number of players after the success of the previous Candy Crush game.

Different stages
Different stages' designs

Social game with social content

Amongst the benefits of the new online gaming age, is the possibility of synchronizing your game account with your personal profile across several social networks, in this case it's Facebook, without the download of additional plugins. This allows its players to get additional content and lives in case you run out during difficult stages, and also in case you run out of patience for getting one free life every 30 minutes.

Although it is basically the same game as its sweeter version, Farm Heroes Saga includes some variations depending on the objectives. The basic objective will be to collect certain kinds of cropsies, from the fattest onions available on the digital world to precious water drops. Besides this, you will have to beat Rancid the Racoon, an animal that will try to steal your cropsies and will have to fight back to combine the elements on the board.

Including its 400 levels and more to come, this puzzle game will really take you time to complete all its stages with the highest possible score. For having a little help in different situations, you can choose between different boost objects like a magic shovel or a tractor that will give you extra aid in cleaning up the screen.

Beat that annoying racoon
Beat that annoying racoon

Farm Heroes Saga 2.0.20 Features

Check out the main features of this title for smartphones:

  • Classic and simple puzzle gameplay that will keep you stuck to the game device from level to addictive level
  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets, benefiting from their online options for requesting rechargeable lives from your Facebook friends
  • Get extra power-ups and lives through its gold bar system, with in-game purchases for adding a little help on advanced stages
  • Play through the 400 and more different stages for reaching the top of your friends’ leaderboard
  • Different modes of stages in which you will have to collect certain cropsies with limited slot moves or beat the mean Rancid the Racoon
  • Different collectable objects through making combinations of similar cropsies during the available levels

For further details about this free game to download, visits the official website through the following link.

System Requirements

Check the listed minimum specifications for your mobile device to run Farm Heroes Saga:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2, iOS 5.0 or later
  • Space: 50MB free available space
  • Internet connection required for online requests

free download


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